Drown – How we made it

This project was one of my biggest challenges as a producer. Director Burke Heffner presented me with an ambitious vision for a new music video for the amazing artist Tora Fisher: a woman sits at a piano in her small New York City apartment singing a song. While she sings and plays the piano the room starts filling with water until she is completely submerged.

Underwater shots, scuba-diving gear, complicated lighting, a sinking piano, a big crew and a micro budget. Easy, right? 😉 Thanks to some creative thinking and the best crew ever we made it happen. We created a fake room over the deep end of a pool that we gradually submerged into the water. (Click the pictures below to see more about how we pulled it off.) Tora Fisher, like a little mermaid, didn’t hesitate to remain underwater for hours.

UPDATE JAN 15 : The video is finally released! Check it out!