Marina Fernandez~Ferri.    Creative Producer and Director of Brisa Pictures LLC

I’m a freelance filmmaker based in New York, with a career producing award-winning films,  documentary series, magazine news shows, live programs, and advertisements in the U.S. Latin America and Spain.

I’m often producing and directing for the U.S. Hispanic market and developing different collaborative projects with members of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, an organization I’ve been part of since 2009.

I like inspiring images, people, and challenges. And I love to combine them all together in innovative video projects. I work with a wide variety of clients, including  McCANN, Facebook, 23andMe, American Foundation for Equal Rights, EA Sports, NFL, HBO. 

Ask me more if you are curious. Tell me how can I help with your exciting idea, or just say hi!

CONTACT ~ marinaferfer@gmail.com

photo credit – Larissa Nowak